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GlPortal is a free game for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The Objective is to reach the cake by means of teleportation.

GlPortal is under active development. It is not a Portal clone (Is GlPortal is a free Portal clone?), it features its own story centered around an ambitious lab assistant named Ada, who has to solve dangerous tasks for science on a daily basis. Her sidekick, a know-it-all Robot with a more than impressive laser canon, and an overexcited professor support her in her mission. Most of the time she has to dodge lasers and bullets while preventing the destruction of all life on earth. She is aided in her quest by the newest gizmo created by the engineers downstairs.

The current release is v0.0.7.1 frogger

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v0.0.7 frogger

  • A new Level
  • Music
  • New Textures
  • Config files
  • SDL2
  • Smooth character movement


  • Hands visible in HUD
  • two new levels


  • New device


  • Avatar
  • Bitmap fonts
  • Timer


  • New level (just a slightly modified level)
  • Game now ends in a level where you are tied to a chair and can not reach the cake



  • w, s, d, a – move arround
  • mouse – look arround
  • q – quit game
  • space – jump
  • shift – jetpack

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