Physics in the next release

The next GlPortal release will have physics we don’t utilize the physics to their full potential yet but there will more elements to try them out in future releases.

If you are impaitient you can get preview builds here:

OpenGL 3.3 and XML Map Format

Hello everyone,

we are still working on the overhaul of the source. Julian is almost done porting all of our graphics code to OpenGL 3.3 he improved portal rendering and lighting a great deal in the process.

His portal code makes it possible to place portals on floors and ceilings, however we are not sure if we incorporate this into gameplay in the next release yet.

I was able to write a loader for maps that are written in XML format. This removes a lot of limitations that the old format imposed on us. Due to high demand I started to write a blender export addon that exports to our new map format from blender.



Site Update

Dear visitor,

we are working hard on improving the game and the website. The website now has a chat function, issue tracker and source code documentation.

The documentation is also available at The Issue tracker is also available at

Check out the new activity stream of your friends and groups at the right hand side on every community page.



New GlPortal Windows Test


The binary is untested. There is no knowing what it contains or what it does to your computer. Please run a virus check, before you test it.

Run at your own risk.

Please report your test results, make videos, send in screenshots.

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